Friday, September 21, 2007

Conservatism and ‘conservatism’
Paul Gottfried writes:
There are those on the right, quite broadly understood, who revel in crusades for democracy and who identify “conservatism” with an aggressive, Jacobin or Trotskyist foreign policy; and then there are the rest of us, who are simply viewed as inconsequential “fanatics” by both neocons and the conventional Left.

I think we’ll be stuck with neocons running the Republican Party and conservative movement, no matter what happens in Iraq and regardless of who wins the next national election. Unless the RNC, movement conservative foundations, the moneybag sponsors of both, and the liberal media start talking to our side, which is not likely to occur, the usual types will stay in power and continue to script “conservative” newspeak. How the fiasco in Iraq and a possible Democratic landslide in 2008 will change any of this is something I really can’t fathom. What a Democratic victory will do is accelerate the left-ward slide of our politics and culture, a process that the neoconservatives have steadily aided by their reconstruction of the American Right-Center.
From Taki via The Western Confucian.

No exit
Nothing has changed. There is no exit. More to the point, there is no plan for an exit.

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