Thursday, September 20, 2007

The cultural contradictions of statism
It seems as though, for all that conservatives have ever said about libertarians, their main critiques now fall into two categories: That libertarianism, radically applied, would mean America’s death at the hand of foreign enemies; or, that libertarianism is amoral.

Now, it is quite interesting that some actually try to make both claims at once: If we followed libertarian morality too strictly, it would forbid us from slaughtering innocents abroad, and our ethics must be more situational than that – and yet, on the other hand, libertarianism is so permissive an ethical code that following it would mean the collapse of civilization under a wave of decadence and sin.
Why, there’d be gay illegal immigrants having abortions all over the place. Oh, and they’d be terrorists.

Long story short from the ‘conservatives’, ‘just shut up and vote Republican’. By which they mean ‘Rudy McRomney’* not a real conservative.

Twelve whiffs of failure
Americans are notoriously good at moving on, which tends to amount to turning our backs on the messes we’ve made, and averting our noses from the stench of what our government likes to call foreign policy.
The people who are entertained by reality TV have very short attention spans.

Another evangelical questions the bellicosity of the Protestant religious right
Including the arguably treasonous John Hagee

*Played by Fred Thompson or a guy wearing a Reagan mask.

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