Thursday, September 13, 2007

The decline and fall of the American economy
US job growth has been confined to domestic services, principally to food services and drinking places (waitresses and bartenders), private education and health services (ambulatory health care and hospital orderlies), and construction (which now has tanked).

Franchises and chains have curtailed opportunities for independent family businesses, and the US government’s open borders policy denies unskilled jobs to the displaced members of the middle class.

The US now has a trade deficit with every part of the world.

What is striking about US dependency on imports is that it is practically across the board.

Americans can no longer provide their own transportation.

Americans no longer can produce their own clothes, shoes, or household appliances.
IIRC the US Army’s uniforms are made in Communist China.
Public worry for three decades about the US oil deficit has created a false impression among Americans that a self-sufficient America is impaired only by dependence on Middle East oil.... the US gets most of its oil from outside the Middle East, and the US trade deficit reflects this fact.

Americans are consuming $800 billion more than they are producing.

How long can Americans consume more than they can produce?

American over-consumption can continue for as long as Americans can find ways to go deeper in personal debt in order to finance their consumption and for as long as the US dollar can remain the world reserve currency... which is eroding due to the continuous increases in US budget and trade deficits.

Hubris prevents realization that Americans are losing their economic future along with their civil liberties and are on the verge of enserfment.
Western grasshoppers and Chinese ants

It’s been clear since the first economic reversals in the early 1970s that the country that putatively won World War II (American common knowledge: ‘the British and the Russians were nothing to do with it’) really no longer exists either culturally or economically.

The War on Terror™ six years on
We are just at the sixth anniversary of 9/11. It has cost a lot of lives and dollars, but we have really paid those Afghans, Iraqis, Iranians, and Palestinians back for what they did to us. That will teach Osama bin Laden a thing or two.
— Clyde Wilson of Chronicles

Fix Iraq by leaving
If the experience of Anbar, Kurdistan, and Basra is any indication, the best way 'we' can fix it is to leave the Iraqis alone to take care of their own affairs.
Ralph Nader on corporate welfare

Conveying emphasis
An abuse of English: using inverted commas instead of underlining in writing/boldface or italics in print

BTW Stephen Hand is blogging again!

From The Western Confucian.

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