Friday, September 28, 2007

Eunomia on Burma
For once, we seem to be seeing a spontaneous, non-Sorosian popular uprising. We can tell the difference between the fake and the genuine article right away – in Burma there is not an officially approved and media-anointed oligarch waiting to take power as “leader of glorious revolution.” Despite some attempts to dub this the “saffron revolution,” because of the colour of the monks’ robes, it has not become the Saffron Revolution in media reporting in the same way that the non-revolutions elsewhere became endorsed movements complete with capitalised names. Unlike the generally fraudulent “colour” revolutions (each one of which has been shown to be nothing of the kind), the monks have evidently not developed a media strategy, have not been influenced by meddling NGOs or co-opted by foreign money. It does not seem to be stage-managed and pre-fabricated for Western media consumption. The lack of organisation and coordination among Western and other democracies suggests that the events have actually taken them by surprise, rather than being rolled out like a new consumer product. Unlike in Kyrgyzstan, this uprising does not seem to be an attempt to displace one clan with another.
And from the land of my favourite wine
One wonders if what Mr. Bush thinks of the tide turning against his poster boy in the Caucasus, Mr. Saakashvili.

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