Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Good stewardship of creation?
The Patriarch of Constantinople hosts an interfaith conference on the environment/climate — aboard a ship off Greenland!
... the senior-most figure in Orthodox Christianity
At least that’s better than ‘the spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians’ but for the thousandth time no.

Romanian Church elects new patriarch
His Beatitude Daniel (pictured)

End of an era
An online friend who belongs to one of the Christ the Saviour Brotherhood churches (in the Bulgarian Church, the Serbian Church and the Orthodox Church in America) recently wrote to me telling me the brotherhood has disbanded. What a long strange trip it’s been. Indirectly it was connected to Fr Seraphim (Rose), who died a monk and priest in good standing with the Russian Church Abroad. After he died the abbot of his monastery, Fr Herman, converted a former New Age group, the Holy Order of MANS, which became the CSB, and took the community out of ROCOR around the same time. When I met them nine years ago they were a church unto themselves, practising just like the English-speaking parts of ROCOR but not in communion with anybody. Since then they’ve joined the churches I named above. Just as well. Rather like two other priests, the young Martin Luther and the young John Wesley, Fr Seraphim never intended to start another church — or even a ‘jurisdiction’ in Orthodoxy.

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