Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Islam dunk
Six years on, the shelves creak with racist panic books

Out to prove something
Why are so many jihadists converts?

BTW six years ago when I found out it wasn’t a Cessna that hit the building by mistake I knew why it happened. Because every day I read sites like this. That big parts of the world don’t love the American empire should surprise no-one. What the hijackers did (oh, and see United 93 if you’ve haven’t done yet) wasn’t excusable but very explainable.

As I wrote when it first was shown, a drawback of United 93 — necessary given its realism; no expository dialogue — is if you don’t know the history behind the hijackers (most of whom were Saudis with none from Saddam Hussein’s secular Iraq, the kind of lapsed Muslims Osama bin Laden hates) you could be left with only a vague view that observant Muslims are bad.

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