Sunday, September 16, 2007

Add this to my reasons to love upstate Pennsylvania: a sweet old-fashioned non-theme amusement park in the wooded hills owned by one of the state’s old German families complete with lumber yard and campground next to it, wooden roller-coasters (mostly — Paul pointed out an I-beam or two), some rides dating back to the 1940s, the 1920s or even around 1900, century-old circus organs, a Museum of Anthracite Coal Mining (and of the Knoebels and their park) with paintings by a Mike Rusnák and even halušky for sale at one of the food stands. Many thanks for sharing it with me, Paul, Treat and Bernie!

I admit when it comes to unnecessary scares I’m a right coward. I tried only one thrill ride, the Flume, one of those boat rides with a steep drop and splash! Paul and DaVida were fine in front whilst I hung on for dear life in back! Fun though — exactly at my limit for those things, in intensity halfway between the kiddie rides and the beautiful big coasters. (Should have bought the ‘All for Silas!’ photo of me cringing to scan and show. Alas.)

We all noticed there was a good spirit about the place unlike a Six Flags (said those who’d been to one) for example: no nasty adults nor lots of misbehaving kids.

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