Monday, September 10, 2007

Metropolitan Kirill: Christianity is necessary for Europe to survive
There is the modern utiliarian view — save Christianity not necessarily because it’s true but because it makes good citizens; go to church because it sets a good example for the servants; belief is nothing to do with it... the cynical ‘Enlightenment’ gentry approach (related to ‘become a ____ and advance your career’) — but of course His Eminence believes it is true
Kirill met with Pope Benedict not long after Benedict's appointment and some assert that Kirill is working to heal the rift between the Russian Orthodox and [Roman] Catholic Churches.

According to Kirill, "In the Vatican and not only in the Vatican but all over the world,
[Roman] Catholics understand that Orthodox (people) are their allies. And Orthodox (people) are more and more coming to understand that [Roman] Catholics are their allies in the face of hostile and non-religious secularism."
Can’t argue with that.

The metropolitan sounds like a good tsarist Russian, like St Tikhon (friend of the Bishop of Fond du Lac and Isabel Hapgood) and the ones who founded ROCOR: un-Western and loyal to his tradition but not hostile to Western Catholics.
Kirill has also been outspoken in his condemnation of homosexuality saying, "When the declaration of human rights was made no-one in their worst nightmare could imagine a gay parade in Jerusalem."
As a libertarian I defend the right of people to make fools of themselves telling strangers the ways they have sex.

The best way for Christianity to come back is minimal government giving the freedom for the church to flourish.

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