Thursday, September 06, 2007

Not my kind of populism
A long and worthwhile read

‘Turning a corner’... again
If they turn any more I should think they’ll be very sick indeed

From the land of my favourite wines
Saakashvili ... seems to be one of those Westernised people who go back home and try to impose foreign models on their home countries. Something about these people bothers me at a visceral level.
A whole lotta nothin’
Aw, shucks
He tells us that he thinks that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are “not outdated.” Well, that’s a relief. Rehashed Reaganisms follow. He is in favour of low taxes, free markets and life. I’m glad that he’s running a “different kind of campaign,” as I might otherwise have difficulty detecting the new and interesting angle that Fred brings. Much of the ad is Fred rattling off his resume, which doesn’t make much sense (people already know that he is on “Law & Order”!). The entire thing feels like a mock-up, as if Fred will come out the next day to say that it was all just a big joke at our expense, or maybe a new kind of reality entertainment. He then brings in the meaningless pablum about unity that you’ve probably already seen.
From Eunomia.

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