Wednesday, September 05, 2007

On the box
From a friend:
I was washing dishes with ABC’s “The View” on in the background, when I heard Ron Paul’s name mentioned. So I turned off the water and I heard Joy Behar talking about how he made some very good points and that people should listen to him when he talks about why people hate America and the fact that our policies in the Middle East have repercussions. Then suddenly, Barbara Walters interrupts her with some comment about “many people over there hate the Jews” and how it’s all nice and fine to explain it, but that something should be done about it. Typical... She turns this into an anti-Semitism question (Wait, aren’t Arabs also Semites?) and makes this kind of statement without any explanation as to WHY people “over there” hate the Jews. I turned the TV off. Babs needs to retire, as does her whole generation.

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