Sunday, September 09, 2007

On the box

Now thanks to the magic of Hulu I can show it to you. Robert Smigel’s cartoons are one of the few things on ‘SNL’ that are funny. I get this and have never seen ‘Dora the Explorer’! Apparently it’s one of those children’s programmes only little sprogs like — unlike the classics, like 1930s-1940s Warner Brothers cartoons at the cinema with subtle humour for adults, or the Muppets, which began on chat shows in the 1960s and reflected Jim Henson’s personality. Kermit, a simple puppet really, is loved by all; Elmo is technically well-made (his mouth moves in great detail for example) but lacks Henson’s wit and soul and so has no fans older than about seven (the church’s traditional age of reason!).

Here’s the transcript.


Macaronic Maraka.
It’s a balloon! ¡Es un globo! Luftballon! Воздушный шар!

Get on your tummy! On your tummy! DO it, ass****!

Say hooray! (They jump and say “Hooray!”) Mittens saved Baby Penguin! If Mittens chose to save Baby Penguin based on his beliefs, and Mittens’ beliefs are not in his direct control, does Mittens really have free will?

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