Monday, September 10, 2007

The RC Archdiocese of LA (including its liberal cardinal archbishop, an appointee of Pope John Paul the Overrated), which five years ago built a costly, ugly new cathedral (replacing an earthquake-damaged one), is in part financing its $660M payout in the priestly underage gay-sex scandal by... evicting three sound nuns and shutting down their apostolate to poor Hispanics

Should have held onto ex-St Vibiana’s and collected mucho rent off it.

(Probably never expected to get caught.)

A bride of Christ. Part of the disciple thing particularly for vowed religious is to suffer, but...

After a quarter-century of actively watching ecclesiastical doings...

Why does this not surprise me any more?

At least there’s St Mary of the Angels Church in Hollywood, which Cardinal Mahony turned away because it’s... Catholic.
Santa María, Madre de Dios,
reina de los ángeles,
ruega por nosostros pecadores ahora
y a la hora de nuestra muerte.

Santa Bárbara, virgen y mártir, ruega por nosostros.
From John Boyden.

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