Sunday, September 30, 2007

Quick question for Episcopalians
If what these chaps are setting out to do is schism, how’s it different to what Henry VIII did? That was a schism but not a problem in Anglican terms because Anglicanism doesn’t claim to be the one true church, so the parts after the split remained ‘the church’. So, theoretical questions about American state laws aside, why can’t whole dioceses break away like the King separated the ones in his realm from the Pope?

Now if the property was supposed to be held in trust for the larger church...

If one wants to be consistent the Church of England could unload falling-apart Canterbury Cathedral on the poor unsuspecting Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster. :)

But seriously...

And as the experience of the Continuing Churches seems to show, and Protestantism for that matter (how many thousands of denominations are there? ...note to self: the Bible is not self-interpreting), with schism, once you start, you can’t stop.

Rome and Orthodoxy have their splinters (traditionalists, Old Catholics, vagantes, Orthodox nationalist and true-believer schisms) but not this fissiparity.

Some history
From Fr Mark Clavier at Covenant

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