Monday, September 24, 2007

Rediscovering auricular confession
A second baptism (giving back sacramental, sanctifying grace when it’s been lost through sin) or as Fulton Sheen once called it psychoanalysis on its knees. Fr Peter Gillquist talked about this Wall Street Journal article last night and among the topics the host priest and I discussed were mortal and venial sin (or how I examine my conscience) and (his contribution) confession as talking about sinful areas in one’s life (they’re not mutually exclusive) and not trying to cover every commission of sin. As the article says Lutheranism has confession/absolution but it’s been neglected there — Martin Luther believed in and continued to practise it, stopping short of counting it as a sacrament.

Another observation from Fr Peter: even 20 years after the convert boomlet began most Westerners don’t know who the Orthodox are. If/when that changes they’ll (my addition in italics) change from being perceived as cute, quaint ethnics who paint pretty religious pictures but aren’t taken seriously to being hated by ‘post-Christian’ (I hate that expression — makes Jesus sound like a fraud) mainstream society as much as Rome and conservative Protestantism are now. (It already hates Russians thanks to the Cold War preceded by an old bias considering them backward.)

From GetReligion.

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