Saturday, September 29, 2007

St Euphemia
Today’s old-calendar Orthodox saint. What a beautiful Greek name: it means literally the opposite of ‘blasphemy’.
OU were tied to wheels and torn apart by wild animals, and went through water and fire. Strengthened by the Holy Spirit, you courageously strangled the leader of darkness. By the shedding of your blood, you entered the spiritual bridal chamber of your Bridegroom. O virgin, you offered up your sufferings as a dowry.

AVING blossomed through good deeds and having been enlightened through meditation, you pour out myrrh into the hearts of the faithful. You glistened from the east like a bright star, and you brought about an assembly of the holy fathers through the coming of the Holy Spirit. O glorious Euphemia, pray to the Lord for the salvation of our souls.
— From the stichera at Vespers

Orthodoxy’s unique contribution to my religious understanding is its view of images: icons.

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