Saturday, September 22, 2007

Trying to sell the war to ‘values voters’
Sure, do the right thing and bring the soldiers home now and before you know it the bogeyman’ll get you: there’ll be gay illegal alien terrorists in every US city having abortions. Please.
...critics like Fred Clarkson, co-founder of the blog TalkToAction, says the coalition appears to be "a classic inside the beltway paper tiger."

"It doesn't exist except to issue 'messages' to true believers and to make it appear in the media that there is more support for a failed foreign policy than really exists," he told IPS. "It smacks of a desperation move to shore up support even among religious conservatives, whose support for the war seems to be melting faster than the polar ice cap."
Right, who other than their ‘true believers’ takes Donald Wildmon and Pat Robertson seriously?

Besides Catholics there are other conservative Christians who refuse to be played, to be suckered into the culture wars or needless foreign wars for that matter: LRC’s Bill Barnwell and Laurence Vance for example.

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