Thursday, September 13, 2007

Two liberal churches in San Francisco compared
Ebenezer Lutheran (ELCA of course) and St Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal (more)

I apologise for my use of ‘old folks’. Let me correct that here by quoting IIRC Fr Chris Tessone among others (including a new local priestly friend who regularly reads this blog): ‘the church kids are alright’, credally orthodox and liturgically conservative, getting spiritual support from their octogenarian grandparents whilst many of the older middle-aged (I’m younger middle-aged literally becoming grizzled... and liking it) are doing ‘that ’70s church’ (sound bite of white-haired RC bishop: ‘it’s what the kids want’).

How another young clergyperson has described still-dominant liberal boomer churchmanship:
The phrase “liturgical imagination” often gets a bad rap when referring to certain forms of non-traditional ways of worship — like decorating the altar with fabric and other crap as they did at one of the three seminaries I have attended...
I don’t think the Revd M means frontals as in Laudian or this. :)
Those who know me know how much I love old things and tradition, particularly in all things liturgical. I love [most of] Ritual Notes — need I say more?
If the Roman Mass were only about nostalgia, a few ageing die-hards, the Pope wouldn’t have bothered with the motu going into effect tomorrow!

Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Philadelphia, photographed by Treat
As Chesterton once said (in words to this effect), orthodoxy is exciting and vibrant and alive. Heresy is just dead and boring.
From Marco Vervoorst.

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