Friday, September 07, 2007

What the liberal élite really think of the poor and non-white
According to Fred Saal of Fries, Virginia, the major problem with the poor is that there's too damned many of them.
MCJ’s Chris Johnson, who’s wrong about Mr Bush, Iraq and Palestine, nails this and other Anglican matters again and again. Upper-middle-class narcissism goes hand in glove with Margaret Sanger’s racism. I imagine they think a consistent ethic of life — what the press about 25 years ago called a seamless garment — is something dumb wops and spics the economically disadvantaged (you know, poor) and less educated™ would believe in.
Isn't it obvious? CONDOMS! FREE CONDOMS!! That'll fix everything!

Malthus carries more weight than Matthew... Poor people, of course, are not created in the image and likeness of God, but wealthy folks are, as they readily attest from gazing at their image in the pool.
Right, one’s 1.4 planned fœtuses are children but somebody else’s unplanned ones are vermin. Lebensunwertes Leben: life unworthy of life.
Dear lad, does he not know that Jonathan Swift already proposed the solution to overpopulation of those riff-raff poor people. Plus it gets rid of them pesky Papists — you know, the stoopid katliks.
Mr Johnson observed earlier:
Liberals love Africans. Not as real people, mind you, with thoughts, ideas and opinions of their own, but as helpless children who need to be "saved" by their enlightened betters in the West.
As with gay weddings (according to God and nature there’s no such thing as gay marriage) I don’t think the state should be mixed up in contraception either way. It’s none of my business. The harm principle of libertarianism applies. It’s the church’s job not the state’s to teach that it’s wrong.

So I’m neither on board with this nor the wannabe theocracy of Plymouth Rock Ave Maria, Florida.

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