Friday, October 26, 2007

10-20-30 meme
My answers are nowhere near as interesting or detailed (down to the day) as Fr Methodius’s

10 years ago: I’d been at the small-town newspaper job I have now for seven months and was still enjoying the novelty and convenience of driving again after eight years.

20 years ago: At uni, a neurodiverse kid who’d never had the condition explained to me so I was flying blind. (I wouldn’t understand it until 13 years later.) Reading English literature as I didn’t know what else to do. (I don’t claim to be well-read.) Getting spiritual, social and cultural uplift from the local Anglo-Catholics. Had in the back of my mind my great escape from a horrible home, which a year and a half later I did!

30 years ago: At school. Some things never change: liked reading but didn’t get maths. My hobbies included building model cars and planes, the local roller disco (it was like Travolta’s scene for an 11-year-old) and pinball. I’d got a radio in my room a year earlier so I was discovering popular music, and a sister’s boyfriend had introduced me to Beatles records a few months earlier. Liberating in a house that listened to... Muzak.

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