Monday, October 22, 2007

Collateral damage

Jesu, mercy; Mary, pray.

Why Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani, late head of the Holy Office and defender of the Roman Mass, wanted Rome to condemn nuclear weapons.
A reminder of why we must never, ever, undertake a war unless it is absolutely necessary.
Nukes over America

RIP Lucky Dube
Whose work I don’t know, I must confess, but I like reggae and these lines jumped out at me:
They won't build no schools anymore,
They won't build no hospitals.
All they build will be prisons, prisons,
All they build will be prisons, prisons.
Fight the real enemy
George Walker Bush not some two-minutes’-hate propaganda target with an unpronounceable name. From Joe Sobran.

From Joshua Snyder.

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