Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Continuing anglican church votes for union with Rome
My comment (history repeats itself?). From the very worthwhile website Covenant.

I sometimes write ‘anglican’ to distinguish from ‘Anglican’ meaning ‘in the Anglican Communion’.

MCJ translates official Episco-spin into plain English
Nasty but it’s so funny because it’s true. I get Episcopal Life at work and it’s obvious and predictable: nothing solidly Catholic like how to examine your conscience to make a good confession and Communion, nor both Catholic and evangelical like some instructional articles based on scripture for godly living. (Remember what God said he’d do to the lukewarm?) The usual stuff: MDGs; ‘gender equality’ (the ‘g’ word is the giveaway here... we’re not talking fair play and equal pay which are wonderful); Mrs Upperclass goes to Africa to help starving children (one of two kinds of Africans the liberals like); gayness; a token black, maybe a token African who agrees with them (the other kind they like), on how great gayness is; ad nauseam. Oh, yes, did I mention gayness? The upper middle class and its aspirants seem preoccupied with it right now.
Thing is, Ziggy, we don’t need Christian churches to do good in the world. The Lions and the Optimist Clubs do many wonderful things. The Shriners build hospitals. The Muslims, no doubt, feed many a hungry child. And if you’re hungry, I don’t suppose you much care what religion the fellow who offers you a free meal professes.

The canard implicitly stated here is that we serve the poor while they just sit around around arguing about sex. Thing is, Ziggy, that the efforts of Christians with serious, orthodox beliefs to serve the poorest of the poor dwarf those of the Episcopalians. The
[Roman] Catholics, for example, are pretty good at this stuff.
Dorothy Day and Mother Teresa believed every jot and tittle of the magisterium. What was their problem?

Reminds me of this:

A Ukrainian-born man’s experience of mainstream Presbyterianism
I soon became an elder, and it was all great... except that it continued to strike me and to torment me from inside that it's not really a church, it's a social club with charities, with youth programs and daycare, and with a "christy-holyspirity" rhetoric. Sort of like when I was growing up in the former USSR and attending all the various Children of October - Young Pioneers - Young Communist League activities and we cleaned streets and helped the elderly in the name of building Communism, the same thing that liberal club where kids and adults do all these things in the name of Christ. No difference. Not the Church.
For the greater glory of gay weddings, another privilege that class and its wannabes feel entitled to. Like being entitled to hijack people’s spiritual home then twisting the church fathers on obeying the bishop to accuse conservatives of ‘leaving the church’. Otherwise the historic episcopate doesn’t matter like when intercommuning with Methodists.

(America’s mainstream Presbys are having the same argument as the Episcopalians right now.)

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