Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Double-standard alert: chocolate Jesus
Ha ha
I’m tired of artists who belittle people’s faith -- publicity hogs who dunk crucifixes in urine and craft images of saints out of elephant dung.

I'm also disappointed by U.S. news organizations that have a double standard when it comes to religion: They’re more than happy to mock evangelical or Catholic Christianity, but they’re somewhat leery of offending Judaism and they’re down-right terrified of offending Islam. Muslims absolutely deserve respect as do Jews and people of all faiths -- even Christians.
Rather a backhanded witness to the true faith, what? Or why Joni Mitchell didn’t write and record a song with a line about ‘kikes’ or ‘towel-heads’ and sell it at Starbucks, which seems to me like performing your 40-year-old hits with a symphony orchestra a sign your popularity as a music star is long over.

BTW I’m not advocating censorship.

From Bible Belt Blogger.

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