Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How Bush wrecked conservatism
He didn’t — as Murray Rothbard explains the rot set in long before him — but it seems that way when you compare Republican rhetoric today to 10 or even seven years ago. 9/11, the neocons’ Reichstag fire, changed everything.™
But the real issue isn’t the loyalty of the hardcore religious right, who may never find another candidate so congenial as Bush to their fundamentalist beliefs and reactionary agenda.
Which wasn’t true. (As Charley pointed out here.) Karl Rove played them.

I’ll guess I’m somewhere between Rothbard’s radical individualism — to give the awful Ayn Rand her due his metaphysical problems, whatever they were, are irrelevant; politically I can live with Rothbardian libertarianism or vintage Goldwater secular conservatism — and the Burkean Toryism he didn’t like (and which Buckley only affected using his ineffectual monarchist friends — and Buckley took God’s name in vain with his Catholic veneer).

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