Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lies behind the war on terror
What’s next, the war on ennui?

Who restarted the Cold War?
At the Cold War’s end, the United States was given one of the great opportunities of history: to embrace Russia, largest nation on earth, as partner, friend, ally. Our mutual interests meshed almost perfectly. There was no ideological, territorial, historic or economic quarrel between us, once communist ideology was interred.

We blew it.
Stone Age sex
Welcome to the jungle. In the secular world today it’s no different really. A few big and strong men have sex with many women; most men lose out which explains the massive porn and prostitution businesses.

I’ll ’fess up: last night I saw the TV show based on the Geico cavemen and liked it.

Tales of failing businesses
Then there are businesses that deserve to go down:
  • AOL, or ‘you can check out any time you like but you can never leave (we’ll keep billing you)’
  • Aamco/Cottman transmission shops: If you drove up with a new car and said it didn’t feel right they’d try to sell you a new transmission and BTW patronise you by using your first name every five seconds.
From LRC.

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