Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The man who builds Hillaryworld
Has a target market much like the Episcopalians’ — upper-middle-class liberals — not John Murtha’s Slav Catholic union Democrats in upstate Pennsylvania or Ohio

A comment from T19:
Black, Hispanic and Asian ethnic minorities are increasingly wandering off the Marxist reservation, and for some time now the Left has been quietly tiptoeing away from the cause of ethnic pride. The Left is slowly beginning to realize that they have let a particularly potent jinni out of the bottle: the multiculturalism they championed for so long is actually the undoing of the atheistic secular state, and so they must scramble to find a conveniently non-sectarian Aggrieved Minority to advance their agenda.
I accept a religiously neutral state (a minimal state of course) and religious liberty but spot-on.

Underneath the politically correct window-dressing (like a few tokens who agree with them on everything and thus don’t represent most black Christians) it’s really all about that class celebrating itself boomer-narcissistic fashion.

To modify Kanye West’s line they do not care about black people or as MCJ said of their approach to Africans they love them not as people with ideas but as helpless children for them to save.

(An experiment: try forming a coalition with or even engaging the Jake-ites for example on peace issues like Iraq. Hear crickets chirping before they go back to perseverating on their favourite subject.)

About as successful a campaign as New Coke
Selling America as Muslim-friendly whilst it invades Afghanistan and Iraq and tortures people

Россия сегодня
Russia today: vulgar wealth and bare naked social Darwinism in the wake of Communism but good food in the shops

From CounterPunch.

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