Tuesday, October 16, 2007

St Augustine’s Orthodox Church, Denver
Now has the beginnings of a fine site

They were respectable Tridentine vagantes (so-called Old Catholics) before going under Antioch.

It may be even more like S. Clement’s than Ben Andersen’s parish, St Mark’s ex-Episcopal.

Their music programme.

Very nice, down to Mgr Mangels’ soutane.

But what’s with the Byzantine business on the reredos?

(Some will say there were icons in the early Western church.)

And if they’re really and truly Western Rite (Gregorian Latin no less) why Saturday-night Vespers like the Byzantines? Why not Sunday Vespers?

Of course it’s really just like the Ukrainian Catholics putting a Sacred Heart statue in one of their churches.

From Western Orthodoxy.

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