Thursday, October 18, 2007

Two Orthodox rows
  • The Russians were willing to join other Orthodox to talk to Rome about the scope of the Pope but pulled out over the Patriarch of Constantinople invading Russia’s turf in Estonia (where the Patriarch of Moscow is from) by supporting an old anti-Soviet splinter church. Isn’t that war over? (Didn’t we win?) BTW C’ople is not the Orthodox Pope.
  • The OCA embezzlement scandal: the extent of the ex-chancellor’s theft ($1M) and two dioceses (Midwest and Western Pennsylvania) have a vote of no confidence in the metropolitan. These are the old Russian dioceses in America, the country’s oldest Orthodox denomination. Stealing from working-class Slavs in the depressed Rust Belt. Sad.
Interestingly none of this filth is to do with doctrine, moral teaching (nobody trying to redefine gayness or theft as not a sin) or trying to mess up (modernise) the liturgy.

Infallible church, sinful people.

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