Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Whapster kids diss RC traditionalists
The conversation at TNLM. Trads have their failings as Arturo points out here (that picture looks like a perfect parody of neocon Tartuffery or ‘just shut up and vote Republican’; say a Rosary in public about abortion but support Mr Bush on torture and war: with its anti-Latin people ‘Black Legend’ false view of the Inquisition is the picture for real?) and here (gotta love the unromantic description of the seminary at La Reja) but I tend to agree with Shawn Tribe and friends that this isn’t on.

I have a different idea of what conservatism really is. I think of Russell Kirk and Edmund Burke rather than George Bush when I think of conservatism. I guess I think of Marx and Hegel rather than Stalin when I think of Communism. Conservatism really isn't an ideology. It is the negation of ideology.
— Fr Ethan

Also from him:

The motu one month on

I am not anywhere near the experiences of the reform of the reform or the extraordinary Mass. Things are very ordinary and still very much in English and polyester. I went from parochial vicar to hospital chaplain. It is still the same. Most [Roman] Catholics are nowhere near the "flagship" parishes.
Predictable. At best without interference from the local liberals including the ones in mitres it will become the usage of a robust minority (perhaps like ‘London, Brighton and the South Coast’ and the Episcopalian biretta belt half a century ago) simply because most RCs are frightened away by Latin (the 1962 books still have to be in it).

But a sign that the kids are driving this go at restoration (if it were only about nostalgic old people the Pope wouldn’t have bothered) is this Mass is now offered again at the symbol of the RCs in America*, the University of Notre Dame (pronounced ‘noter dayme’ though a French Holy Cross Father founded it), home of ‘the Fighting Irish’. I’m sure ageing hippies infesting campus ministries all over the continent are having kittens... goody. BTW... I like Touchdown Jesus.

*More so than the marvellous Georgianish old cathedral in Baltimore, which should be and I think technically is America’s primatial RC see, or the garish — Nordic Jesus as Zeus in the apsidal mosaic — National Shrine in D.C., and about even with St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. Pat Buchanan writes that in the 1940s to be RC in America was to cheer for the Fighting Irish.

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