Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another reason not to support Huckabee
An endorsement from a famous man who appeals to fear (kill a rag-head for Christ) and Godwin’s law and has a ‘Flash Gordon eschatology’
[Benito] Giuliani has Pat Robertson, McCain has John Hagee [Israel über alles* or let’s get the end times started], Romney has Paul Weyrich and Bob Jones III [a man who wants a Christian theocracy supporting a non-Christian... the Lord says just shut up and vote mainstream Republican], so it is no surprise that Huckabee would garner this endorsement.

From Notes from a Common-place Book.

*I’m alluding to the commonly misunderstood meaning. The German anthem doesn’t mean ‘let’s beat up our minorities and neighbours’. It was supposed to be a rallying-cry during German unification: ‘you are Germans above all else’.

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