Saturday, November 24, 2007

Australia has a new PM
Labor leader Kevin Rudd has vowed to pull troops out of Iraq.’s great to have the monster John Howard tossed out. Another warmonger down, a number of others to go.
Pope: stop the war
The Chaldeans are Iraq’s biggest Christian group and the Chaldean rite is one of the most ancient of the Catholic Church.
Bigger than their Assyrian (Nestorian) parent church (whose patriarch lives in Chicago), a rare reversal among Eastern Catholics under Rome.

Right: an Assyrian bishop in his choir dress, 1779

Archimandrite Serge (Keleher) on the occasion and the ongoing problem of latinisation (from Samer al-Batal):
This was surely well intended, and there can be no doubt that the Chaldean Church in Iraq — indeed, all Christians in Iraq — need all the help they can get. But it remains the case that making a Patriarch into a Cardinal is not, objectively, an honor, let alone an elevation; it rather betokens a failure to understand what a Patriarch is.

One small indication of this is the persistent reference to “Cardinal-Patriarchs” by their surnames, which is downright insulting and offensive.
Mainstream society is not very kind
Nor are all or even many libertarians selfish monsters as this exchange between Lew Rockwell and a vicious WSJ writer shows

From the LRC blog.

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