Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Balance, or setting the record straight on British colonialism
Fr Methodius constructively answers ++Cantuar

Imperialism as a source of human cannon fodder for the mother/dominant country’s wars (ask the Scots about that one; they were horribly used like their American Southern cousins) is one possible exception to my sympathy for Canada’s dominion status: why on earth cross the Atlantic to fight in World War I? As part of the empire Canada went to war in 1914 automatically; ethnic and cultural ties were why HM Dominion (quietly independent since 1931) declared war on its own in 1939 and the RCAF helped fight the Battle of Britain.

(Gallipoli is enshrined in the Australian national consciousness — they’ll joke about anything but that — but you can’t entirely blame the British. It was the first time Australian soldiers were under Australian officers.)

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