Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Baltimore revisited
Covenant says what I wanted to about Episcopal Café’s bad reporting on this (which can be titled ‘Looking down our noses at those benighted, mean-spirited Roman Catholics’) but didn’t so I wouldn’t get kicked off the latter:
(1) Why, if this is canon law, are [Roman] Catholics surprised that it is being enforced?

(2) Why, if it is canon law, would others (particularly Episcopalians who are very fond of their own canon law at the present moment) be surprised that it is enforced?

(3) In the long run, is this sort of discipline helpful or hurtful to the Catholic Church’s relations with the Episcopal Church, the Church of Christ, and other churches down the street?
1. Quite.

2. Bingo. Thank you. Of course the nasty and very funny MCJ (right about the Episcopal row, wrong about everything else) nails this: ...the Episcopal left has never concerned itself with intellectual consistency and will change its mind and its arguments however it has to in order to advance The Cause... [which is now] the gay gospel. (The love that dare not shut up.) The left has a point that incursions (‘One bishop per territory!’) don’t make sense as long as both sides are still Anglican but its appeal to tradition on this does push my irony meter off the dial.

3. Helpful as it’s a matter not of being uncharitable but of being honest. Certainly the historically conservative Churches of Christ (who likewise claim they’re the one true church!) would understand and respect this.

BTW this is not about women. If my acquaintance Fr Jason Catania in Baltimore were the deacon chanting the gospel or received Communion at an RC Requiem Mass the same penalty would apply and rightly so.

Thought likewise (bad article) about this, or applying ‘apples’n’giraffes’ logic to the Cause (we agree on the sometime Archbishop of Cape Town telling the truth about Palestine and all are welcome to come and pray in a Catholic church), and how dare those Missouri Synod Lutherans be happy governing themselves? (Listen to your betters: you’re oppressed!) Oh, and ask some random churchgoing blacks how they feel about equating race with behaviour. (For Catholics orientation is a non-issue.)

One of my regrets is most of the vocal online Episcopal left who agree with me on paper on Iraq and some other peace issues weren’t interested in sparing some time and bandwidth from their obsession to forming a kind of coalition with people like me on those issues (Charley understands why)... the online Episcopal right (a couple of their sites are infamous for uncharitable and bad reporting) largely seems not to agree with me on those issues (they’re mostly Protestant and pro-Bush) but I’ve never been treated really rudely on MCJ for example because of it. (If the right treated me like the left did I’d have been called a terrorist and told they’d like to render me or ship me to Gitmo.)

(Not true of the mainline Protestant left in general. One of the first blogs to link to mine, in 2003, was a now-gone liberal Methodist one in the social-gospel tradition of Jim Wallis.)

Friend Jorge is a happy member of a liberal Episcopal parish and sees the self-centredness and hypocrisy of the online left for what they are.

One more time: Either way this plays out, whichever side remains in the Anglican Communion, some parishes will be split and some others squashed but it won’t affect most remaining Episcopalians. No-one can nor should be able to close them down. Asking the bishop for a deal is not theft but if he says no you have to move. Act like Christians and don’t go to court.
If religion were merely about rituals and belonging, we would all become Freemasons. It would be a lot easier to merely affirm a vague belief in "God," eat and drink anything we wanted and sleep with anyone we cared to. Protestants are not Catholics for a reason. [Roman] Catholics are not Orthodox for a reason. Jews and Muslims are not interchangeable.
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