Monday, November 26, 2007

The better North America that could have been (a clearer view of the map)
Hooray for the Articles of Confederation: the US as ‘a rump state’, the smaller, peaceful republic originally planned by Washington and Jefferson only including expansion to the upper Mid-West

A few ways to improve this:
  • The Trail of Tears never happens and the Cherokee Nation has its own country in what’s now part of Georgia. (But I can imagine the real history happening here.)
  • Upper Canada’s history may well have been like Canada’s; it would still be a dominion (having got independence gradually and peacefully just like in real history). It could have come up with a form of the Maple Leaf Flag but the national flag may have ended up as this lovely version of the Red Ensign like the Maritime Dominion in this history... or like Australia and New Zealand the Maritime Dominion could have gone with a blue flag for the sea and to distinguish itself from Canada.
From the LRC blog (home) via Joshua Snyder (home).

Some reasons a libertarian can favour monarchy including dominion status.

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