Thursday, November 22, 2007

God is not nice

God is not nice but he is kind.
I do not speak of those who indulge in rank insult against individuals when they inveigh against immorality or error. These merely vent their spleens, which is just another form of self-indulgence. I speak, rather, of those who merely speak uncomfortable truths – who call, for instance, homosexual desire disordered affection, or indiscriminate warfare murder, or abortion maternal betrayal, or paying unjust wages theft.
The Catholic seamless garment of Christ, our mantle. There is much good about niceness (when it means kindness as Mr Zehnder explains), from English tolerant conservatism to the Protestant America (today giving thanks to God as is very meet, right and our bounden duty; Eucharist means thanksgiving) Joe Sobran praises. When it goes bad you get political correctness.
God speaks through His servants and, finally, through His Church.
Protestants, left and right, at heart don’t believe the latter (in an infallible church); ‘he speaks through ME and the church is a nice (ha) add-on’.

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