Monday, November 26, 2007

‘Help me to understand Anglicanism’
That’s a pretty massive request! Charley, Byrd and others present real history and theology to answer common knowledge.

Another bit of history
From Fr Peter Robinson: next to no-one actually used Cranmer’s first extremely Protestant work, the 1552 Book of Common Prayer. (1549 was ‘commonly called the Masse’, simplified and ‘in Englysshe’, the 1965 Roman Rite of its day; this was a stripped-down service written to specifically deny Catholic doctrine and done in the round at a nearly bare table with little ceremonial.) Edward VI died before it could be implemented in most places and of course under Mary England went back under Rome so the Latin books were used again. (One vicar quoted by Michael Davies kept a diary and was happy to see ‘the catholique faith’ come back.) So for most English people the forced (literally, at axe-blade or sword-/pike-point; isn’t establishment fun?) protestantisation happened under Elizabeth around 1559.

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