Tuesday, November 13, 2007

In the post from Tripp
During the first three centuries, Christian congregations, all over the East, subsisted in separate independent bodies, unsupported by government, and consequently without any secular power over one another. All this time they were Baptist churches....
-- G. H. Orchard

Good morning, all. I hope that this little quotation clears some things up for everyone. When you are all ready to return to the true church, I'll be awaitin’!


Good to hear again from my favourite Baptist who believes in infant baptism. ;)

Rather reminds me of the landmark Baptists’ claim to be the Una Sancta.

I can see it now: American Baptist versions of the Coming Home Network, ‘Life on the Rock’ and Again.

Seriously I like that description even though I don’t agree with the last bit of course. Did the early Christians deny baptismal regeneration? No. Which reminds me: the Churches of Christ practise adult-only baptism thus looking like the Baptists but are Catholic on what it means. Or of the Real Presence — the C of C are Catholic-like on that as well (friend John Treat was born C of C and has quoted one expert describing that tradition as free Catholic in some ways) — or Eucharistic Sacrifice? I know there were no devotions to a localised presence in the elements yet... nor did anybody deny that presence.

(As Jane Ellen+ and I went over regarding Benders and Article XXV the Eastern churches, like classic Anglicans, still have no extra-liturgical devotions to them because they never needed them!)

Politically we’re on the same page here (yes, IMO the dissenters were right!) and I dare say the decentralised ecclesiology Orchard rightly describes — соборность, a communion of Christians under independent bishops (the Russians translate Catholic in the Creed as соборный, conciliar) — is entirely Orthodox. (Rome falls back on ‘development of doctrine’ to explain the Pope thing.) Of course both Eastern and Western Catholicism have had much state entanglement in/control of the church but that’s not of the essence.

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