Saturday, November 17, 2007

Israel’s Christians spitting mad
Christians in Jerusalem have attacked what they say is the increasingly common phenomenon of ultra-orthodox Jews spitting on them.
My father confessor had this happen to him there.
The statement followed a brawl between an orthodox Jewish yeshiva (religious school) student and an Armenian archbishop.

They clashed in Jerusalem’s Old City after the student spat at a cross being carried by the clergyman during a procession near the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
From commentary on a story smearing Ron Paul:
Returning contributions from Bad People is common. For example, Anti-Arab prejudice was so strong that in 1984 Democratic Presidential nominee Walter Mondale returned campaign contributions from Arab-Americans to avoid alienating Jewish-Americans.

Of course, returning contributions like Mondale did tacitly admits you are a whore. To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, once you start returning donations, you’ve already established that you’re a political prostitute, and we’re just trying to decide who you will whore for.
From Joshua Snyder.

Of course the Republican Jewish Coalition discriminates against Dr Paul
From LRC’s Paul Gottfried
In a decent small-government Republican Party, there would be Jews for Ron Paul but not the Zionist lobbyists organized around the RJC pushing us into foreign wars.

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