Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Let freedom ring
Reason was at the Philly Ron Paul rally
Here was the best example—better even than the churning, cheering rally of at least 4000 people—of how the Paul movement has grown. No one crashes Dennis Kucinich or Duncan Hunter events handing out "fact sheets." Our electoral Ashton Kutchers show up in dolphin suits at Mitt rallies; they amble into Rudy fundraisers with photos of mutilated fetuses who died for your sins. They only pay attention to the candidates they fear.

Most of the people I talked to on Saturday were from Pennsylvania, many from the less renowned, more conservative corners of the commonwealth. More than a few were Constitution Party activists, and that's nothing to scoff at in this state where the Constitution Party can draw hundreds of thousands of votes when the Republicans nominate pro-choice candidates. Just as many were big "L" Libertarians, some of them activists with a few decades of election disappointments etched on their faces between their prescription specs and their trimmed beards. Members of Delaware County for Liberty, the Libertarian group in the (ever-less) conservative area south of Philly, handed out flyers for a post-rally fundraiser at a rollicking bar in Old City. The charge was $20 a head; nearly 200 Paul fans showed up.
That was a good time: had a Blue Moon.
The Paul campaign is pulling in... Libertarians, Constitution Party members, Reform Party stalwarts, Buchananites, paleoconservatives, Birchers. That in itself isn't news, but the trend is accelerating and it's startling to see so many of these activists in one place.
That’s nice but more impressively there were...
...thousands of ordinary conservatives, anti-war teenagers, and a small clutch of veterans...

After that: Beatlemania. Paul only needed to walk about 10 yards to get from his set-up to his van, but a crush of supporters swarmed off, holding out replicas of the Constitution (available at a gift shop next door) for him to sign, asking him whatever quick questions they could muster...

This just in: mainstream pro-lifers don’t know what they’re talking about

Nor do many voters

From Eunomia.

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