Saturday, November 24, 2007

Local media buzz about Ron Paul
A rich-hipster freebie paper (the kind with politically correct editorial in front and porn and prostitution adverts in back to pay for the thing) calls him a crank (reaction) — because, I suppose, only a crackpot would let you keep your tax dollars (so helping the poor is up to you) and do whatever you want in your personal life (‘non-interventionist including in the culture wars’) — but mainstream conservative Michael Smerconish helpfully outlines Dr Paul’s platform and gives him some begrudging respect

Speaking of lefty hypocrisy about sex (‘That’s demeaning to women! Fifty bucks; are you a cop?’), a fine new blog, Ecumenical catholic Charterhouse, has this wisdom of the ages from Dawn Eden:

Pig heaven marketed as empowerment
Or the way to empowerment is to sink just as low as some men

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