Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mindfulness of and obedience to God
Tripp touches on another of Dr Williams’ recently made points, on the positives of Islam
...he also commended the Muslim practice of praying five times a day, saying that it allowed the remembrance of God to be "built deeply in their daily rhythm".
  • This is what Paul means when he says "pray without ceasing." Echoing Orthodoxy (The Way of a Pilgrim), which makes sense when you consider that Islam is the Mormonism (not Christianity) of Eastern Christianity particularly the Assyrian (Nestorian) kind.
  • Islam stresses the will of God. It is supreme. We cannot alter any of His mighty decrees. To try to do so means annihilation. Submission is the first and only duty of man. That is exactly what I have been needing in my Christian life. This can be spun to agree with Aristotle, the Schoolmen and classic Anglicans: reason is conforming yourself to reality.
  • Which leads to the next caveat: the point of the Pope’s speech at Regensburg. We don’t follow the irrational Muslim God, which is one reason the Catholic faith though teaching humility and perspective hasn’t got the grovelling aspect of ‘surrender’. By surrendering to the Christian God you become more like your true self, the one he intended.
  • Laubach, at least this is the connection I make, is trying to rediscover the aspects of Christianity that American Protestantism has left behind. How about the aspects of it that all of Protestantism left behind?

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