Thursday, November 22, 2007

More on Ron Paul and Roman Catholics
He doesn’t use religion to cadge votes and a partnered gay atheist with his political principles would make a fine president and get my vote over a values-card player (‘fear the queers’) like Rick Santorum any time — they ‘should resonate with anybody who values honesty, integrity and decency’ — but Mark Shea (via Joshua Snyder) points out that of all the candidates he lines up closest to Rome on social teaching: 99 per cent!

Rudy Giuliani finished last on this list. Jim Coffey may be right: either he wasn’t paying attention to the nuns in class or the minimal catechesis, like the minimal liturgy including in the good old days, didn’t cut it.

Forget Alan Keyes (he’s a prat anyway).
It will be highly amusing to watch both parties twist and squirm to try to square the circle on this. The Left, of course, will just say that they care about "values" (whatever the hell that means) but that the Church should not be imposing its values on people--as though Catholics should be allowed no voice at all in the public square.

Meanwhile, on the Right, the standard "Abortion! Ooga Booga!
[hey, that’s my line] Shut up and vote for who we give you to vote for or Hillary wins and it's the end of the world as we know it!" tactic [the misogyny card... on the other hand the left are engaging in much projection ‘because she’s a woman’ and don’t seem to actually hear her; she voted for the Iraq war, remember?] will only fly so far, especially if the GOP winds up trying to sell us Rudy. would be a poetic and indeed prophetic act of justice for the GOP if it wound up prostituting itself for that man.
And thanks to Clinton’s real positions on war the establishment right would secretly cheer for her and vote for her over Paul.

I don’t want a theocracy or religious liberty revoked either but a reason for this reaction against him from both sides is Protestants, conservative and liberal, don’t believe in an infallible church (not just a charism of infallibility for the papal office). Conservative ones are relativists only they don’t know it yet; the secular left in America are in many cases lapsed Protestants at least in their thinking.

Nancy Pelosi is arguably the most powerful person who happens to be RC in the US. She could be the first female US president if she would get the gumption to IMPEACH Bush and Cheney... which would be fine but she won’t stop the war because she answers to the Israel lobby.

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