Sunday, November 11, 2007

The motu mutiny
  • The archbishop in charge of the former Roman Congregation of Rites (is his full name Malcolm Ranjith Patabendige as The Catholic Herald‘The bishops have greeted the Pope’s motu proprio without goodwill or generosity’ — reports?) says what I and others predicted would happen: mainstream RC bishops and church workers hate this Mass and are disobeying the Pope about freeing up its use
  • I say if it weren’t in Latin (that side’s negative main selling point) they’d do the same thing
  • Again, let’s see if the Pope is serious about all this and smacks this rebellion down
  • The archbishop, who regulates the Roman Rite and thus, as Larry Reilly says, the church practices of the Western world, uses this Mass
From Holy Smoke.

Remembrance is about life not death
The Cenotaph ceremony is profoundly Christian

My old rector’s London parish once had a number of ‘godly spinsters’, women whose fiancés were killed in World War I, which wiped out half a generation in Europe and is why many English towns have a prominent monument.

Prostitution, promiscuity and abortion
Another O tempora article? More scare tactics from the Protestant religious right in the States? No, a sensible look at fallen human nature unchanged since the time of Christ, from the conservative RC Archbishop of Denver.

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