Friday, November 23, 2007

Noam Chomsky rubbishes Ron Paul
And the LRC blog answers him (with quotations from the left!) much like I do the religious left like Jim Wallis (the well-meaning Christians who think all libertarians are selfish monsters like Ayn Rand)

John Edwards wants to be generous with your money
By taking it from you. Money you could be investing in a business, making real jobs and solving the problems he, you and I want to fix.

Hey, look, a distraction
...our culture of fear has eroded common sense and civility. The danger of a zero tolerance mentality is that we lose the intellectual flexibility to exercise sound human judgment. When we blindly follow rules, when we waste time and energy defending ourselves from imaginary enemies, we actually create the potential for real threats to overtake us.
— Canadian Paula Simons on travelling to and from the US

Or possibly worse like hiding a remaining real threat disguised as doing something about it by creating imaginary ones... like the neocons wrapping their latest (domestic) power grab in the flag and xenophobia by trying to push around another Middle Eastern country (like the junta invading the Falklands; Thatcher was right)... or when some institutions in the Roman Church react to pædo ephe-, ephebo-, gay priests going after underage boys (orientation is in itself not an issue; behaviour is) by shifting the blame, suspicion or cost to pious teen-age girls (for the sake of political correctness because, you see, ‘it’s everybody’s problem’... sure) or, to pay for the settlement, threatening to close a little convent of conservative nuns doing charitable work.

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