Thursday, November 22, 2007

On race, tribe and class
From a comments thread at Taki
I think England will look like the Bronx in the seventies in fifty years.

The people who oppose our heritage oppose our Western identity. British culture should not be dismantled.

Britain has already been abolished in that Brown continues down the slippery slope into Europe, eventually losing sovereignty and what little that now means. Brown is continuing what Bliar started and
habeas corpus etc., the foundations of British culture, will soon be completely gone. In fact Peter Hitchens wrote a book called ‘The Abolition of Britain’ and never has a title been so apt at describing current affairs. People are dying in hospitals through mismanagement and neglect. Decent middle-class law-abiding people are being arrested and/or cautioned for what they say (eg. ‘homophobic’ remarks - one was a joke by a 10 yr old boy to his school friend that he looked gay in that top) yet police are unable to investigate a burglary if it’s in the wrong post code (=zip code in US). People's children are removed by the State for no good reason than suspicion and those children in genuine need are ignored. It feels more like the Soviet Russia of yesterday that I heard about and was pleased not to be a part of. But here it is, 1984, coming to a street corner near you in Britain.

Anyone who hates whites for being white will get a kick in the groin from my lady, of Chinese and Japanese ancestry.
SHE believes that our country, Australia, SHOULD keep the British Union Jack in the corner of our flag!

I saw this segment on a new book on Joe McCarthy... the State Department was a WASP redoubt, and the fact that an Irish lower-class type could browbeat people whose ancestors came on the
Mayflower, and on national TV, was an insult that the WASPs never forgot, and it is thus that he is seen as an unrelieved villain.
Populism can be a good thing indeed; it’s part of the appeal of the Ron Paul revolution. Like anything it has its dark side — recently read someone pointing out that Nazism is a form of autocratic populism much like the conservatism people associate with McCarthy. (And was opposed by aristocrats like Count von Stauffenberg.) The ugliness in mainstream RC culture can be seen as a manifestation: reverse snobbery.
The white race forgot God and aborted itself out of existence. There is no turning back.

And - did you know? - most Australian Aborigines
SUPPORT the British Monarchy! Because they figured out that Australia as a Monarchy will be better for the Aborigines than a Republic would be. Hmmmm.....
The First Nations people (Indians) in Canada feel the same way. A big reason why those countries are not republics is the people are freer with a foreign head of state living far away and bound by rule of English law (such as parliaments) than under an American-style president.
The Cultural Marxist “Left” is just as obsessed with “race” as the racialist nationalist “Right”.
They both like keeping track of race and having hiring quotas, don’t they?
Culture is more important than race. Being a Catholic myself, I would rather my children marry black Catholics than white Protestants. I would rather attend a Catholic Mass with blacks than a Protestant service with whites. It is culture for which we should be fighting, not race.

The only difference between what the Nazis and previous empires did was to take advantage of new technology.
If Andrew Jackson had automatic rifles and Zyklon gas chambers he would have used them on the Cherokee.
The creations of the 19th century are such things as “Germany” and “Italy”.

tribe we should be fighting for. A tribe is just an extended form of family, and is the real basis on which the 19th-century intellectuals constructed the concept of culture. Race is immaterial, as it is easily ignored in actual tribes. John Ball’s wife is part of his tribe. My Korean sister-in-law is part of my tribe. Both race and culture were abstractions created in the expanding colonial period in a largely successful attempt to destroy tribal loyalties in favor of the nation state. Note that while a tribe could never really be co-extensive with the concept of empire, both race (as in the white man’s burden) and culture (as in our current Crusade for Democracy) can. So stop supporting your empire and start thinking globally, and acting tribally.

Cicero rightly recognized that a tribe would have a common (hereditary) tradition, the
‘mos maiorum’ (tradition of the ancestors). One just does not mix and match and create a tribe out of thin air. It is the result of hundreds or thousands of years of a people being together.

Seen anthropologically, the tribe comes about because the smaller blood groupings — family, clan, curia — are too small to be acceptable to the incest taboo. A tribe is a blood group large enough for intermarriage, but never more than a few thousand people. It was subordinated to the polis in early Mediterranean antiquity, and then became only vestigial. Indeed, the central Roman myth of Aeneas tell how total strangers joined, then ruled the Latin tribe. Richard Sennett,
The Fall of Public Man is good about the evils of retribalization.

In reality, America is just as atheist (via Protestantism) as Europe.

Honorable Gentlemen and Great Minds may agree to disagree, and indeed ought to. When everyone agrees about a complex issue, probably something is wrong. And only through clash can the truth emerge. Gentlemen know this.

Russell Kirk once said that ideology is the “belief that this world of ours may be converted into the Terrestrial Paradise.”

The problem is that, apart from a few militarily challenged Muslims, the elites have no external enemies aginst whom to send the sons of the working class, so they turn on the working class itself. Vicarious thrills come easily to the morally bankrupt, no matter what the source. Towelheads, racists, what’s the difference. Nuke ’em. Can anyone doubt that Dick “Five Deferments” aka “Yosemite Sam” Cheney, George “The Decider” Bush and Rush “The Cysto Kid” Limbaugh think of themselves as heroes? I read somewhere that when men who never served in the army reach the age of forty, they start wondering what it would have been like. That’s fine and possibly/probably normal, as long as they scratch the itch by collecting military-surplus radios, used G.I. underwear, or whatever. And speaking of age forty-plus, that just about times it perfectly for those three buffoons Cheney, Bush and Limbaugh. Mission accomplished! Bring ’em on!

I have no “beef” with “race mixing”. As soon as a Catholic becomes an apostate,
THAT is when I get upset.

Catholic teaching on equality does not make sense unless the distinction between the person and the individual is kept in mind. We are equal as persons, but certainly not as individuals—as a matter of justice, a certain hierarchy is necessary. (Contrast this with socialism which denies the person and calls for equality as individuals, ie, equality of “results”.)

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

That the people in charge of England hate Western, that is
CHRISTIAN culture, is no surprise. They make the same mistake as the people that consider Christian culture as “white”. Christian (that is, Catholic) culture is not “white”, it simply is “Christian”, and far older than the Enlightenment. It is a fact that the concept of “the white race” is an invention of the Enlightenment, and has no place is Christian (that is, Catholic) culture. 600 years ago my Scottish ancestors were no more “white” than the Moors in Spain. However, my Scottish ancestors were Christians, whereas everyone knew the Moors were not. Once again, I have more in common with my African Catholic friend (his name is Gaston) than I do with the anti-Christian white guy whith whom I work. Why should I feel an affinity for someone with which I completely disagree? That a person’s blood ties are more binding than the ties to the Body and Blood of Christ is heresy, and I don’t accept it. My Catholic culture trumps my “white race”.

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