Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Predictable First Things article on RCs and politics
From the Archbishop of Kansas City. The mainline religious left’s sophistry (or ‘Richard Hooker would have liked gay weddings’) is not the only dodgy thing church people try to slip by you. The establishment religious right does it too! Essentially First Things’ reason to exist. Like National Review from the beginning: neocons pretending to be YFs. A puff of pipe smoke here, a Latin word there and a Chesterton quotation and Bob’s your uncle. Be Russell Kirk for Halloween.

So much of what Archbishop Naumann (much of the American Mid-West is German) says is literally true: classical liberalism and the Catholic faith can and ought to be in harmony and there is no one Catholic position on most policies.
At the same time, it saddens me to see the many [Roman] Catholics in public life who abandon the moral teachings of the Church on fundamental human-rights issues in order to appease the leadership of their party or because they believe it necessary to get elected.

Certainly, a Catholic elected to public office must make prudential judgments on how to best advance the rights and the dignity of the human person.

Then the other shoe drops, very quickly:
There are many issues, in fact most issues, where Catholic politicians may disagree and adopt different policy positions—a just immigration policy, for example, or public-assistance programs for the poor, or health-care policy, or military engagement, or taxation policies.

Bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb Iran...

(Pass the Lord and praise the ammunition...)

Followed by ‘Abortion! Ooga booga!’ (Rally round just like cheering for Noter Dayme. Why not rally round the old Mass and office? Thomas Day explains why they don’t.)

IOW just shut up and vote mainstream Republican.

I’ll follow Archbishop Carroll, the faith and classical liberalism instead.
...direct attacks on the institution of the family (for example, a redefinition of marriage to equate with same-sex unions or cohabitation).
Marriage doesn’t need saving, Your Grace. People will do it regardless of the state just like they sin (and do morally neutral fun stuff like drink) regardless of the state’s meddling. Get the state out of it.

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