Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ron Paul’s economics
...there are forces operating in the world more powerful than the whims of the political class. Every effort at centralized planning, and every attempt to legislate political dreams, bumps up against economic law. Economics is the great brick wall, a thousand feet thick, that limits the maniacal dreams, benevolent or malevolent, of the political imagination. We ignore these economic forces at our peril.
So government best get out of the way.

Like the Catholic faith (the seamless garment), ‘freedom is all of a piece. You can't pick and choose’.

Get the state out of the marriage biz

Why Eastern Orthodox ought to vote for Dr Paul
A light to lighten the convert boomlet, Clark Carlton explains classical liberalism and that political solutions are always relative
  • There is nothing conservative about an undeclared war against a country that has not threatened us.
  • There is nothing conservative about threatening other countries (Iran) with a pre-emptive nuclear strike.
  • There is nothing conservative about “spreading Democracy” at gunpoint.
  • There is nothing conservative about suspending or ignoring habeas corpus.
  • There is nothing conservative about warrantless searches.
The politics of the REVOLultion are of ‘Christ-like humility and love’.

Why the Episcopal left ought to
He’ll stop the war on Iraq, he won’t interfere with gay lifestyles (and refused to tell a conservative Protestant radio show what they wanted to hear on that), he won’t meddle in your church’s internal affairs (the row taken to court), though he’s pro-life he’ll kick the issue to the states, he won’t outlaw contraception and he’ll let you keep your money to support any cause you want instead of taxes. Who could ask for anything more? So as Dr Carlton tries to engage and dislodge his brethren from the Protestant religious right whence many of them came, see through socialism hard or soft and come aboard!

From LRC.

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