Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Spinning history

Playing to our strengths, from a denomination’s spokesman
  • All are welcome to come and pray in a Catholic church. Then there’s the rest of it if you want to stay: sin no more, deal with lust in the heart... you may have to make a few changes as the Archbishop of Canterbury has said lately.
  • We’re singing from the same hymnal about some trying to censor the sometime Archbishop of Cape Town for telling the truth about Palestine.
  • ‘Thank God we are not like those Missouri Synod Lutherans over there’... and how dare they govern themselves and be happy with what they teach? (Stupid people. Your betters are telling you you’re oppressed.) You know, on that Controversial Issue™ except for the upper middle class it hardly ever comes up in the Catholic world. Next to no-one in Orthodoxy agitates for it (the Episcopal left: ‘shut up, paint pretty pictures and act spiritual: we’re richer and better educated than you’ though I imagine Schmemann and Meyendorff, like the German professor Pope, were more learned than the people who really think that way).
  • An old game: equating race with that matter or, indefensibly, behaviour, a favourite subject lately in this circle (‘Aren’t we great teaching it’s not a sin?’). Try asking some random black Christians how they like that analogy. Orientation is a non-issue: of course there have always been clergy who are homosexual. (My late rector was one.) Call this game ‘apples’n’giraffes’ logic.
  • Regarding the prophet Elizabeth:
    Sancte Edmunde, ora pro nobis.
    Sancta Margaret, ora pro nobis.
    Omnes sancti martyres anglorum, orate pro nobis.
  • ‘Be the Church Jesus showed you--one where your petty little intellectual doctrines do not become more important than my love commandment.’ Like politics. Objectivity? Meh. Stuff rule of law; shut up and do as I say. (Our class wants gay weddings, end of discussion!)

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