Thursday, November 15, 2007

Taking God’s name in vain revisited
An old story: evangelical Protestantism is more useful to the state right now than mainline so it’s shoved down cadets’ throats (violating the Constitution all US servicepeople swear to defend, not the state) along with a new warmongering message at the US Air Force Academy. (Muscular Christianity Mk II, or the ‘Christianity and...’ C.S. Lewis warned about.) Reminds me of what happened in England 473 years ago this month (even though old Harry was at worst only a schismatic).
When then-Secretary of State Colin Powell again sold his soul in front of the United Nations and the world, the die was cast. I say again because as a major on his second tour in Vietnam, Powell whitewashed reports of the My Lai massacre and attempted to discredit and silence those few, most notably Ron Ridenhour, who had the courage to get the story into Hersh’s hands.
Read all three pages of this article. The same people were behind Guantánamo, Abu Ghraib and extraordinary renditions. (Guess those captives weren’t ‘saved’.)

This is not a pacifist blog but here’s more to think about

That said, career soldiers (Count von Stauffenberg who tried to save his country by getting rid of Hitler, and the US generals and admirals horrified as were Catholics by the atom bomb*) often have enough sense to hate war because unlike the chickenhawks (do click this link) they know what it is:

Will the generals keep us out of Iran?

The tiger about the house
The state

From LRC.

Business as usual:

US quietly garrisons Africa
From Fr Methodius

*Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani, late head of the Holy Office and defender of the Tridentine Mass in the 1960s, wanted Rome to condemn the use of nuclear weapons.

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