Friday, November 30, 2007

The truth about the ‘good news’ from Iraq, the new Vietnamisation and why the occupiers won’t quit the country
Such as the homecomings to Baghdad
...heavily "massaged by politics. Returnees have essentially become a currency of progress."

Those relatively modest returnee numbers turn out to include anyone who crossed the Syrian border heading east, including suspected insurgents and Iraqi employees of the New York Times on their way back from visits to relatives in exile in Syria.
The current official Iraqisation scheme:
Colonel Bannister refers repeatedly to "the five-year plan," assuming his audience understands that there is indeed a master plan for his unit – and for the American occupation – mandating a slow, many-year buildup of neighborhood-protection forces into full-fledged police units. This, in turn, is all part of an even larger plan for the conduct of the occupation.
Michael Schwartz says the real reason for the continued occupation is oil.
As for opposition to Iran, 60% of Iraqi citizens are Shiites, who have strong historic, religious, and economic ties to Iran, and who favor friendly relations with their neighbor. Even Prime Minister Maliki – the Bush administration's staunchest ally – has repeatedly strengthened political, economic, and even military ties with Iran, causing numerous confrontations with American diplomats and military officials.

Misty watercolour memories

Mr Maliki really ought to read the stories of Nguyen Van Thieu and even Ngo Dinh Diem... and Saddam Hussein... to see what a likely future for him is.

From LRC.

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