Saturday, November 24, 2007

The truth about Scopes
Inherit the Wind is fiction. William Jennings Bryan wasn’t an idiot (even if he was well-intendedly off in his politics like Jim Wallis today); he was a Christian who gave the text Scopes used a chance and was horrified by its then-hip racism (remember the party chatter about ‘Nordics’ in The Great Gatsby?):
...the Progressive William Jennings Bryan, who argued in the Scopes Monkey Trial that evolution meant elevating "supposedly superior intellects," "eliminating the weak," "paralyzing the hope of reform," jeopardizing "the doctrine of brotherhood," and undermining "the sympathetic activities of a civilized society."
Take modern liberalism (including neoconservatism) to its conclusion and ‘Nazi supermen are our friends’.

...engineered by Soviet authorities to force peasants across the former USSR to give up their privately held plots of land and join collective farms.
Голода = hunger.

Никогда не забудите (never forget).

Funny how the left never mentions this when it gets all soppy over the October Revolution or the Communist brigades in the Spanish Civil War.

From the Russian Orthodox funeral service:
Со святыми упокой, Господи, души усопших раб твоих в месте светлем, в месте злачнем, в месте покойнем, идеже несть болезнь, ни печаль, ни воздыхание, но жизнь безконечная.

Во блаженном успении вечный покой подаждь, Господи, раб твоих и сотвори им вечную память.

Lord, give rest to the souls of thy servants fallen asleep with the saints in a place of light, joy and rest where there is no pain, sorrow or sighing but life everlasting.

In blessed repose grant, O Lord, eternal rest to thy servants and may their memory be eternal.
John Gray
The irreducible plurality of human “needs and illusions,” Gray argues, means it is utopian to imagine that any single kind of political or social order could ever be good for everyone. “If there is such a thing as spontaneous social evolution,” he writes in “Black Mass,” “it produces institutions of many kinds.”

Alas, conservatives have completely lost track of this crucial point, at least by Gray’s lights, which is why “traditional conservatism ceased to exist” at some point over the last few decades.

The reviewer tells us that the book illustrates that "the doctrines of Soviet Communism, Nazi racism, Al Qaeda’s technophile fundamentalism and the Bushian 'war on terror' are various forms (however incompatible) of an essentially utopian impulse derived from an Enlightenment notion of progress."
From Joshua Snyder.

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